The Gifted Identity Formation Model by Andrew Mahoney (1/4)

I found this text by Andrew Mahoney so important in terms of counseling issues that I introduced him and his work to the French audience in my book.

The text is long and I have decided to translate it into French for French readers who can’t read English. Therefore,the translation is splitted into 3 posts. The next two posts in French will then only deal with this text.

Here is the beginning of what Andrew Mahoney explains :

Knowing one’s giftedness and having a well-developed sense of identity as a gifted person are crucial for the development of the self. Many gifted people struggle with their giftedness, what it means to be gifted and how to develop that potential because there are few models available to assist in the identity development and counseling of gifted people. Moreover, identity itself is often viewed as an abstract concept, making the task of bridging this concept to pragmatic applications highly challenging.

The Gifted Identity Formation Model, presented here, helps bridge the theoretical with the practical, includes identity and its formation as crucial variables in the counseling process uses identity as the baseline for intervention.

The model aids with assessment and helps deliver counseling related interventions that explore and strengthen the identity and identity formation of gifted people, in turn enhancing the health and development of the self.”

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