Neurophysiology of Giftedness – Some references (4)

John Geake – Université d’Oxford works on cognitive neurosciences, so that learning (and teaching) methods can be improved.

On the site of the University of Brookes, a list of his communications.

The following are the ones which I much appreciated :

Geake, J. G. (1997). Thinking as evolution in the brain: Implications for giftedness. Australasian Journal of Gifted Education, 6(1), 27-33.  (Full test in pdf)

Geake, J. G. (2003). Giftedness and the brain, International Conference on Communication, Emotion and Behaviour, University of Leicester, September.


Geake (2003) – Neural Correlates with fluid analogies

Geake (2009) – Neuroscience and neuromythology – Australian Guidance Counsellors Association Annual Conference –  Hobart, April 2009

The site Talent Develop also helped me a lot,  especially since it deals with adult concerns.

The gifted brain anatomy has been an issue of the site in 2006, looking at the differences existing between men and women. Gender and Brain Imaging -by Douglas Eby.

Many scientific sources are icluded.

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