Bullying at school – long term consequences

… In april 2011, the French Government issued a report named Refuser l’oppression quotidienne : la prévention du harcèlement à l’École. (Standing against daily oppression : preventing Bullying at School)

What is bullying t ? in short : repeted violence whether verbal, physical or psychological, perpetrated by one or more pupils against a victim who is unable to fight, weak, with the bullyer purposely wanting to cause harm  and hurt (P6 – §3) – the key factor is the repetition of minor agressions (P6 – §2) – long term continuous and repetedly minor agressions is the main signal for identification of bullying acts (P 8 – §2).

more than 12,0002 pupils in 157 schools were interviewed. The term “Bullying” was never used in the questions, but more what kind of violence(s) occured (verbal, physical), what type (mocked, racist insults, rumors, threats, hits, roberies, forced stripping or kissing), how often, by whom (including adults).

In France (cf Page 8 ) , around 11.7% of the pupils have been bullied in 2010 (cumulated verbal and physical violences) with 4,9% (40% of the bullied) were severely bullied and 6.7%  (60% of the bullied) “moderately” bullied.

The situation is even worse in Spain, Portugal or Corea.

Bullying does not stop at school : mobile telephone and social internet networks favor it.

Bullying goes on in the high school leading pupils to feel even more insecure, depressed to the point that some commit a suicide.

Scholar consequences ?:  “Cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, abstraction capacities are hampered. 1 child out of five tends to avoid going school in order to avoid bullying.

Mental health consequences  ? Bullying lowers metabolism and immune system. Victimes (as well as witnesses) may suffer from nauseas, vomiting, head- or stomach- ache,  sight problems, insomnias…  .

Victims have difficulties asking for help because they often feel responsible (and then ashamed) of what happen to them  .

Long term consequences  ? Many victims remain being a victim in adult life. Their self esteem is very low and they are mor prone to be depressive.

The report insists on the importance of solidarity network outside the familly (which may also be victim of bullying). Solidarity prevents from fear, withdrawal or even flight (from school and into depression, madness or death).

The reports ends pointing out that preventing bullying is a democratic challenge : not only must the victims be taken in charge, but also the bulliers who are mainly suffering children.

As a matter of fact the report mentions that victims and bulliers share the same lack of ability in terms of social adaptation (Page 13 §2)

– among victims, gifted pupils appear to be at risk  (cf Page 17 in the report  +  “Du harcèlement à la phobie sociale“).

– But to my eyes it must also be envisaged that gifted children be on the side of the bulliers since the reports points that bulliers fall mainly behind at school.

Thereport does its best to remain moderate and objective, fearing that conclusions may be seen in a binary way with populist concerns.

Beyond remarks such as “I’m not responsible of this situation and therefore not guilty” canadians have estimated the cost of dropping out here (in english).

3 thoughts on “Bullying at school – long term consequences

  1. et concernant les enseignants harceleurs/agresseurs?
    c’est loin d’être un mythe et c’est d’autant plus destructeur que c’est le détenteur de l’autorité qui détruit l’enfant, cela montrera(invite) en plus, comme légitime le non respect du “persécuté” par les autres enfants.

    1. J’ai vécu ce genre de situation avec à la clef un enfant aux idéations suicidaires.

      … le rapport indique qu’il s’attachera à explorer ce point.

      Un vrai tabou cela dit…. par rapport à une population déjà très attaquée par ailleurs pour des raisons par forcément légitimes.

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