Procrastination Day

Today is in France Procrastination Day ! It is reported in our national Newspaper  “Le Monde“.

Procrastination ?  feeling guilty by putting off later what you could do now.

A gifted one is a specialist in this discipline in which anxiety and boredom are motors.

– anxiety for having to choose or risking to fail

– boredom in front of a task… the result is always the same : delaying til the ultimate moment what has to be done.

A major inconvenient, procrastination can ruin a life, since one is then able to never start anything (one does not dare, it’s not worth it, it is useless… so many very legitimate good reasons for not starting anything).

But procrastination is not only a very bad and  reprimandable habit.

Procrastination can also be a way to do something while thinking about something else, kind of day dreaming about this very task to do or this very choice to make. What then leads to act very precisely and very efficiently.

Here’s an ode to Procrastination

… In case you absolutely want to stop procrastinating : build up To-do lists, divide a task in sub-tasks easier to carry out, reward yourself as you have been able to do something in proper time… by all means avoid to get squeezed by obligations at the risk of procrastinating even more…

One thought on “Procrastination Day

  1. Hello
    C’est une bonne idée la liste… J’ai trois rendez vous à prendre depuis plusieurs semaines et j’ai toujours une excuse. Mais un fois pris c’est un soulagement . Soit j’oublie soit c’est occupé, soit effectivement j’ai une chose plus importante à faire pour les autres pour moi.

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